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5 Cheapest Marketing Tactics You Should Consider

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Many business owners, start-up bosses, small and medium enterprise companies desire a good name for their brand.

However, many are fearful of spending unnecessary cost without predicted returns. In other words, we are all scared that the money we spend on our Facebook ads or Google ads do not give us the sales we want.

Here are 5 cheapest forms of marketing you can consider

1. Shamelessly ask for referrals

Friends, acquaintances and people in our social circle are usually encouraging and supportive when your business is launched! Be shameless and mass text everyone you know about it. Get them to support and refer. Ask and you shall have.

Many business owners did this step, but they did not go further. Accompanied by the text about your launch, what you should do is to catch up with old friends and make the bond stronger. This thickens up your social circle tremendously and toughens your network. Who knows? The person who could change your life could be in your phone book.

2. Creating Advertorials instead of advertisements

The world is getting used to seeing advertisements and ambassadors trying to tell us to buy. Many readers have developed "ad blindness", in which we have learnt how to shift our attention away when we see advertisements.

How do you capture audience attention without spending much?

Writing articles or creating videos that offer free knowledge would attract public's attention. In the article, subtly promote your product. An example could be "5 ways to cool down your room during the hot season" article, in which in it, includes a recommendation for fan or air coolers of certain brands.

3. Creating viral videos

Creating a viral video is not easy. Many influencers, YouTubers worked very hard to create viral contents to increase their fame and followers base.

How does a company do it? A case study you can refer to is how Tesla spends almost $0 on marketing but have more than 500,000 pre-orders for the Cybertruck. Research and learn how the debut of the Cybertruck went viral after its glass broke as Elon Musk smashed the window.

If you can create humorous and mind intriguing content for the public, they will share and recommend it to more people, thus increasing your exposure for free.

4. Digital locality advertising technology

While many businesses would try to explore Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads as their starting form of strategy, many of them could barely break even the marketing cost spent on the ads. Many more could not compete with bigger competitors on the budge thrown on social media advertising.

Those platforms have sophisticated algorithms that may not be easy for businesses to see the results they desire for.

Try using the V-MORE Promote technology, where they give you organic views for your ads and promises you a minimum number of unique exposures for the money you spent. At least you are guaranteed and assured that a minimum number of people would be watching your advertisement.

Users will also be sharing the advertisements to their organic crowd on social media platforms naturally. Wonder how it works? click on the link above to find out more!

5. Generate free publicity on news channel and media outlets

Media outlets are also constantly looking out for newsworthy issues and contents to cover. It can be an amazing press release or a good deed done to the public.

Companies can consider helping non-profit organisations in their events and provide sponsorships or manpower. Upon the success of the event, there could be media outlets present to do media coverage.

Imagine, "xxx pte ltd manages to raise more than $xxx for xxx foundation" or "all staffs and members of xxx company participated in xx charity marathon". These headlines would be newsworthy!

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