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What is the "triple A" marketing concept and why you should know about it

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

This concept is widely used by many marketing professionals when it comes to planning a marketing campaign. It is a logical flow that a company is recommended to follow when building a brand.

While different industries and types of businesses require different kinds of strategies, this "triple A" concept is generally the basic concept companies can start with.

1. The 1st A - Awareness

The Awareness stage is the first stage in allowing the public to know your name. They may not know your vision, your mission, or the different products or services you have, but at least they have heard about your name before. This stage of marketing is important to give people the "ring a bell" feeling when they are exposed to your company name.

The different forms of marketing tactics in this stage range from mass adverts to sponsorships. Any methods that can allow your company to gain access to a large audience.

This stage is important to path the way for the 2nd A.

2. The 2nd A - Affection

After many have heard of your company's name, it will be way easier to make the public turn from just knowing your brand to associating values to your brand. In other words, turning strangers into loyal customers whom may unknowingly become your brand ambassadors.

How is this achieved?

This part of the strategy is to allow the public to "feel" your story. Hence the term affection. This stage of marketing is important to associate your company with the values that form the bedrock of your company.

The tactics for this stage could be advertisements that show your vision, or run marketing campaign that focuses on your slogan. Companies can even have emotions-invoking advertisements that touch the hearts of many. To understand this better, search for Apple's "Think Different" advertisement campaign. Why would a technology company advertisement be about revolution?

When people associate emotions with your brand, they will remember your brand in their long-term memory. Don't you wish to be the brand name that people instinctively think of when they think about your industry?

3. The 3rd A - Action

"Buy now!" "On sale!" "50% discount!"

This is the stage where many small medium enterprises is only interested in. Conversion into sales! Many business owners desire to see fast returns from the money spent on marketing.

However, why do some brands have an increase in sales and in profits the higher they price their products? And how can your company be at that stage? Action strategies come in here when you give the public a trigger to act. It can be to purchase your company's products or to help your brand spread its name.

It would be dangerous if your solution to increase sales is to decrease products' pricings. It will sacrifice future sales and the image of your company.


If you are a business owner who is inexperienced in marketing, one recommendation would be to use your competitor's strategies as a case study and try out those methods that have worked for the company.

Another way is to ask a marketing expert for a 3rd-person perspective on how you can position your company in the market.

At Empower Digital Marketing Agency, we will allocate our in-house professionals with the relevant experience and creativity to help you. You can enquire for more here.

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